Elements of Nature

Our objective at Elements of Nature is to provide services that support individuals and communities to gain and sustain greater levels of health, happiness, connection meaning and purpose.

In light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic it has become more imperative than ever that we look after our health on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 


Did you know that the Chinese word for crisis – 危机 is made up of two aspects ( wēi, 危 referring to danger) and ( jī, 机; 機 referring to opportunity).

One of the opportunities many of us are recognising through this crisis is the time to review and reflect upon our fundamental needs and what we really want from life to feel happy and healthy. For some of us it also highlighting what skills and knowledge we already have or we wish to develop, showing us what we can bring to life. Connecting us with our sense of meaning and purpose.

For me personally this has given me the opportunity to fully embrace home education with my son. This is something I have always wanted to do, though it was not until forced into this position, in March 2020 that I gained the confidence and conviction to fully embark on this journey.   

I have had to reduce the time I have had for my business throughout this time to focus on getting the foundations right for my son and find a route that will allow time for me to rejuvenate my approach to in what I can offer to really make a positive difference whilst supporting others to do the same.

Now 18 months into home education, I am ready to start re-establishing my services with a fresh angle. Throughout 2021 I have been training in Wilderness Therapy and developing outdoor education services, with the aim of relaunching in 2022.

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