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Our objective at Elements of Nature is to provide services that support individuals and communities to gain and sustain greater levels of health, happiness, connection meaning and purpose.


In light of recent health pandemics, both physically and mentally I have been drawing on my background in holistic therapy, ancient wisdom and Permaculture to turn obstacles into opportunities and adapt the services I offer to best meet the changing needs of society and the planet.

Did you know that the Chinese word for crisis – 危机 is made up of two aspects ( wēi, 危 referring to danger) and ( jī, 机; 機 referring to opportunity).

One of the opportunities many of us have recognised through this crisis is the time to review and reflect upon our fundamental needs and what we really want from life to feel happy and healthy. For some of us it has also highlighting what skills and knowledge we already have or we wish to develop, connecting us more deeply with our sense of meaning and purpose.

Since 2021 I have been training in Wilderness Therapy and Celebrancy as I develop outdoor education and therapeutic services.

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Holistic Health  •  Personal Empowerment Nature  
Permaculture  •  Spiritual Development  •  Community Wellbeing 

Please contact me if you have any questions.