Permaculture Design

Elements of Nature believes in Permaculture Design. It’s ethics and principals are central to developing the services we provide. The ethos of permaculture is one of developing communities into healthy, sustainable and ecologically sound environments in which we can all flourish.

Victoria is able to offer a Permaculture Design Consultancy service to you and/or your organisation. This approach can be applied to any project to gain a deeper level of insight and efficiency to achieve a long term sustainable design.

My long term vision for Elements of Nature is to develop an off grid retreat, using permaculture principles to build an ethical education and wellbeing centre in beautiful surroundings. A place that will support you in connecting more deeply with mother nature and your own nature. I also want to collaborate with other like minded people who want to offer services, products and skills to empower individuals and communities towards greater health within and in their environment.

I look forward to working with local people and organisationsin order to better understand how permaculture can bring about positive and lasting change.

If you would like to learn more please get in touch.


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