Victoria Clark IIHHT

Holistic Wellbeing Practitioner
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Hello, my name is Victoria, I am a holistic health practitioner, a mother, daughter, dreamer, and a lover of life here on planet earth! My practice is rooted in natures principles and rhythms.

A large part of my purpose in this life is to reconnect people with the awareness that we are nature. So that we may experience how living in greater harmony with the natural cycles and rhythms of this amazing planet, in turn supports our mind, body and soul.
Sharing ancient wisdom and knowledge applied to todays shifting cultures and providing simple and effective
strategies for you to co-create and further develop your own amazing journey.

I am passionate about empowering others to make their own powerful and purposeful changes that enrich their lives with a greater sense of health, confidence and happiness. Celebrating our unique qualities as well as dismantling the perceived differences that separate us.
Reconnecting people with their true nature, the natural world and a deeper sense of purpose.

Having always held a deep love and reverence for Mother Earth, I decided to train as a Permaculture Designer in 2016, to deepen my understanding of environmental impact and give me the tools to help make more of a difference. I incorporate the ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Shares into all that I do.

Over this last two years, alongside home educating my son I have also been training in Wilderness Therapy and Celebrancy with the intention of bringing more of the sacred to peoples lives through the natural world as well as developing the therapeutic services I offer to young people and vulnerable adults.

There is so much more I could share with you about how these principles and techniques can complement your life. If you would like to learn more please get in touch.

Personal background and history

I always knew from a very young age that I would do something with my life that would help people or the planet. Through Shamanism and Permaculture I found a way that I can do both in beautiful harmony together with holistic health practices. I have always had a passion for furthering my understanding in the mysteries of life including ancient wisdom, folklore and living in harmony with mother earth.

As a child I had experiences that were out of the ordinary, sensory experiences that were beyond what we would perceive as ‘normal’ this included clairaudience and having an awareness of multiple dimensions. With no where to turn with these experiences and not understanding what was happening to me I assumed I was ‘crazy’ and did my best to block this out. When I rediscovered my spiritual path I came to understand the things that I was experiencing as a child were levels of expanded consciousness and that my intuition was not something to be afraid of but something that could support me and others through the challenges of life.

Having faced depression, anxiety and stress in my adolescence and early adulthood, I dedicated my life to learning how to not only survive but to thrive and embrace life as the adventure that it truly is!

My work began as a Holistic Therapist in 2003 with hands on therapy approaches alongside holistic lifestyle guidance/ coaching. Throughout this time I developed my own natural health centre based in County Durham and began working in the field of mental health. This provision included serving a wide audience from NHS referrals, mental health organisations and corporate settings. Over the years I have continued to develop both personally and professionally and have naturally found myself involved in, and invited to host outdoor gatherings and ceremonies, celebrating the seasons and fostering a nature based therapeutic approach.

It was during my training as a Holistic Therapist that I rediscovered my spiritual path. I also found that whilst offering treatments such as Reiki and massage outdoors at festivals, that being in direct contact with the elements added a much greater depth to my work.

In 2003 I received a Shamanic soul retrieval, this had an instant and life changing effect which inspired me to investigate more, this amazing form of healing.
I spent a few years exploring shamanism, amongst others paths intuitively before deciding to do some more formal training.
This training began at Lendrick Lodge in Scotland with my teacher Stephen Mulhearn, where I developed my relationship and connection with spirit, my guides and power animals deeper whilst learnt the techniques of power retrieval, soul retrieval, and pyschopomp. I graduated in December 2008 as a Shamanic practitioner and was then invited to join a powerful group of Shamans on a two year advanced programme led by Stephen Mulhearn.

As I studied Shamanism I learned that I was not alone with what I experienced and just as I have heard so many other people state when discovering their path – It was like coming home!

Part of this development included travelling to North America where I met with the Hopi, an elder of the community taught me about their culture and initiation processes. I have also had the great honour of studying with Sandra Ingerman, a renowned Shaman who has been called upon by the United Nations

AIong the way I have worked with other spiritual teachers such as Peggy Dylan, Karen Fur amongst many more. I have travelled to Peru and had the privilege of being in ceremony with Andean priests, Quero Shamans and Dr Pio Vucetich an Ayahuasquero initiated in the Amazon to sacred plant medicine.

With love and gratitude, Victoria


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Aligning with Soul Purpose

Nature Connection

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Shamanic Medicine – Soul Retrieval and Power Retrieval

Spirit Counsel

Releasing Blocks

Manifestation Principles


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