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We offer a spectrum of workshops and courses designed to inspire and empower you and your class, organisation or group towards greater confidence, health and happiness!
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Celtic Wheel of the Year

Celtic Wheel layered

Date TBBC, Chopwell Woods, Rowlands Gill NE39 1LT
I am thrilled to have been invited by Living Woods North East to be a part of the InWoods team with a host of other amazing guides and facilitators.
Come and join us in the woods for a magical day of connection and exploration.
The Celtic Wheel offers an enlivening way of connecting more deeply with nature, with our ancestors, and with ourselves.
We will be gathering around the hearth of the sacred fire, creating medicinal art and going on drum guided journeys with our elemental allies.
Explore the wisdom and wonder of the Celtic deities as they find expression through our home planet’s seasonal rhythms.
Remembering you are an integral part of the natural world as we connect more deeply with the season of Spring and the season of change, invoking a greater sense of wonder and awe into your life and planting powerful seeds of intention.
Sharing ancient wisdom and evolutionary tools that can support your own sense of personal wellbeing and connection. These intuitive and practical coping strategies are invaluable for helping you centre and feel empowered at this pivotal and challenging time on earth right now.
Some seasonal refreshments will be provided however you are asked to please bring your own lunch, bottle of water and snacks.
I also recommend you bring a journal, pen/pencils and a blanket/s.
Dress for changing weather.
If you have a ground mat bring that too.
Ticket: link…/celtic-wheel-of…/
for this an other inspiring events through InWoods

Beltain Celebrations at the Magic Roundhouse


You are invited to come and celebrate Beltain at a magical and secret location in the woods…
This magical fire festival at the peak of spring is the perfect time to access the energy of fertility and abundance to align with your soul purpose and manifest your dreams.
We will be exploring how we can bring a greater sense of alignment and abundance into our every day lives and access the power of manifestation through connection to the seasons and our own inner bliss.
Working with our ancestors, the elementals and the spirits of time and place, we will gather around the fire, journey with the drum and connect with the natural flow of the universe.
This magical day, is a day for you to connect, relax, recalibrate and invoke a greater sense of wonder and gratitude in your life.
Learning how we can find our centre and our joy even in times of grief and despair.
For more information please message me directly.
At a time when prices for almost everything are going up, I have decided to drop mine!
Only £40 for the day
Places are limited and a deposit of £20 is required to secure your place.
Contact me directly at: to secure your place.


Working with groups in a range of community settings including schools and mental health services, specialist organisations and businesses.
We adapt subject matter and language appropriately to suit your setting and best meet the needs of the group.


Regenerating Earth – A Personal Response to Climate Change


Climate change is the big survival issue of our time. Increasingly, it seems that governments are not doing enough. This can evoke a whole host of emotions within us. So what can we do as individuals to respond to those feelings in a healthy way and what can we do to help regenerate the planet and counter climate change?
We will explore what we as individuals, families and local communities can do for our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of our planet.
Rooted in the ethics of People Care, Earth Care and Fair Shares.
When children are campaigning for a planet for their future and the systems in place are not responding effectively, we need to explore grass roots responses to create change. Starting with ourselves, we can cultivate a happier and more sustainable way of living, that will bring powerful and positive changes to the world!
Recognising that we are all connected. When we can see beyond our own beliefs and practices to that which unites us, as well as celebrate that which makes us different, we become stronger together.
Please express your interest.
see bottom of the page for contact details
Weaving a wealth of experience, training and wisdom together with simple coping strategies, relaxation exercises and empowerment techniques.
Supporting you to improve levels of health, confidence, happiness and emotional balance. Empowering you to become a valued and innovative member of your wider community.

Some examples of courses and workshops for your organisation

Mindfulness and Coping Techniques – an eight week course of 90 minute sessions, designed to inspire and empower you to greater manage your own health and wellbeing. With practical tools and strategies to overcome your own individual obstacles and the opportunity to experience simple breathing and meditation techniques throughout.

Introduction to Holistic Health and Wellbeing  – Learn what it means to be holistically healthy and ways in which you can gain greater balance and wellbeing in your life!

Coping & Resilience – Learn simple and effective tools to empower yourself and develop a greater sense of calm and confidence. Incorporating simple breathing and relaxation techniques along with other effective coping techniques to set you free of your self limiting patterns and beliefs.

Increasing Confidence and Joy!Learn how our thoughts and feelings influence our life and that through applying simple and proven neurological techniques, positive affirmations and the attitude of gratitude we can overcome our self limiting beliefs and embrace more of life!

Creative Expression – Get in touch with your inner spark through relaxing and inspiring visualisation techniques. Learn the ancient  story of the talking stick and get creative with your imagination through art, drumming, voice and movement.

Values and Virtues  – fun, educational and rewarding ways to recognise our own and one anothers strengths and qualities such as: kindness, gratitude, compassion, patients, courage, creativity and so much more..Beltain celebrations for kids

Folklore and story telling  – Drawing on ancient wisdom, beliefs and folklore from around the world.    Exploring ancient principles and techniques that have supported individuals, families and communities for thousands of years. Illuminating our imagination and inner wisdom to create our own stories!

Embracing and valuing nature – Through visualisation, eco art, environmental education and getting out into mother nature to experience the simplicity, relaxation and joy that comes from the connection to and appreciation of our beautiful planet!

  Some feedback from previous workshops and courses…

“I feel more aware of my emotions and less judgmental of myself” – KS

“I feel calmer, not as angry and more at one with myself. Have thoroughly enjoyed the course and the teachings. Enjoyed being part of a group” – LG

‘A wonderful experience; thank you so so much – it felt a great opportunity to connect to myself and mother nature. Victoria is very clear about the intentions of the workshop and an inspiring guide.’         – Alice

‘I thought it was such a lovely, lovely day. I loved the way you brought the session to us. A day of fun, learning, laughter and happiness. Deep peace and inner discovery. Thank you so much , looking forward to learning more.’ – Carol

‘I have been suprised at how much I have gotten out of meditation and mindfulness, things I never thought I would enjoy or even want to try.’ DG

                   For more information or to discuss how we can work together to meet your needs, please contact me directly.

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telephone: 07779571063

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