What is Shamanism

The word “shaman” comes from the Tungus tribe of Siberia and means one who sees in the dark, however shaman is used as a generic term to refer to medicine people of these ancient ways from all over the globe.

Shamanism is an ancient practice of wisdom that dates back to the first people to have walked the earth, it has been practiced around the globe for tens of thousands of years. The principles of this contemporary practice adapt and evolve to suit the environment and culture. Shamans work with the understanding that everything is alive, has spirit and consciousness and that everything is connected by the web of life. Part of the role of the Shaman is to bring people together in balance with this connection and harmony of the spirit of life and cycles of nature. Shamanism understands that what makes up our outer world is a reflection of our inner world and vice versa, we can learn how to use Shamanic principles to help create the world we dream of living in!

The common thread between Shamans of different cultures across the globe, including African, British, Aboriginal and American is the understanding that we are an integral part of nature and that we can move through this web of energy to connect with higher levels of consciousness and spirit for healing, guidance and support. This is often done with the use of percussion such as a drum beat or a rattle as well as movement and special breathing techniques.

Shamans believe that dis-ease comes about through a lack of spiritual connection or a spiritual trauma of some kind.

The Shaman is a channel for spirit and intention to work through. Empowering the individual with guidance, and support to retrieve power and essence to manifest their dreams and ambitions.

Victoria’s Journey on this path

I always knew from a very young age that I would do something with my life that would help people or the planet, through shamanism I found a way I could do both in beautiful harmony.

 It was during my training as a Holistic Therapist that I rediscovered my spiritual path and became involved in Shamanism.  I found that whilst offering treatments such as massage and Reiki outdoors at festivals, where I was in direct contact with nature that the energy that was channeling through me was coming from the trees, the earth and the elements of nature.

As a child I had experiences that were out of the ordinary, sensory experiences that were beyond what we would perceive as ‘normal’ this included hearing voices and having an awareness of multiple dimensions, with no where to turn with these experiences and not understanding what was happening to me I assumed I was ‘crazy’  and did my best to block this out. When I rediscovered my spiritual path I came to understand the things that I was experiencing as a child were levels of expanded consciousness and that my intuition was not something to be afraid of but something that could support me and others through the challenges of life. As I studied Shamanism I learned that I was not alone with what I experienced and just as I have heard so many other people state this when discovering there path – It was like coming home!

The clincher for me was when I had a soul retrieval from a Shaman at a festival I was working at in 2003. This was an amazing life changing experience for me, I felt an instant unexpected physical result, I was experiencing a bad back at the time which completely remedied. I also had a feeling as though I was walking on air a great weight had been lifted. It wasn’t until I got home some days later I realised some situations that had been painful for me throughout my life were no longer painful. This inspired me to learn more about this amazing form of healing. I spent a few years exploring this path amongst others intuitively before deciding to do some formal training.
My formal training began at Lendrick Lodge in Scotland with my teacher Stephen Mulhearn, this is where I developed my relationship and connection with spirit, my guides and power animals and learnt the techniques of power retrieval, soul retrieval, and pyschopomp, I graduated in December 2008 as a Shamanic practitioner and was then invited to join a powerful group of Shamans on a two year advanced programme led by Stephen Mulhearn.

I am committed to this path through continuous development and learning. Along the way I have worked with other spiritual teachers such as Peggy Dylan and Karen Fur amongst many more. I have traveled to Peru and had the privilege of being in ceremony with Andean priests, Quero Shamans and Dr Pio Vucetich an Ayahuasquero initiated in the Amazon to sacred plant medicine.

I have also traveled to North America where I met with the Hopi nation and learnt about their culture and initiation processes. I have also had the great privilege of studying with Sandra Ingerman, a renowned Shaman who has been called upon by the United Nations.

As a Shamanic practitioner I know it is highly important that I continuously work on my own personal development and spiritual growth. I am grateful to be of service to mother earth and those who walk upon her, it is spirit that does the healing and I am grateful to be a channel through which the work is done. I continue to receive positive feedback from the people I have worked with.

There is so much more I could share with you about how these principles and techniques can complement your life. If you would like to learn more about this ancient and evolutionary healing art please get in touch. With love, Victoria


Shamanic Empowerment Sessions

1 hour Shamanic Counsel – with intuitive guidance and techniques £40 (concessions are available)
2 – 3 hour Full Shamanic Empowerment Healing session £75

Shamanism is an ancient practice of wisdom that dates back to the first people to have walked on the earth, it has been practiced around the globe for thousands of years for the welfare of the community and the environment. This practice involves techniques and principles to give you access to a deep level of healing for personal growth, overcoming blocks and creating the life of your dreams.

Please get in touch for more information.

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