What is Spirituality?

What’s going on?  Why am I here?  What is my purpose?
These are just some of the big questions I often hear and have, in the past asked myself. Whatever your faith, religion or belief system, I can support you on your journey to deepening your sense of connection, happiness, meaning and purpose.

Each one of us have our own unique spirit. That element of ourselves that expresses itself in the world and has the ability to really shine. Your passion, your values, your sense of purpose and perhaps your faith.

My approach to spiritual health is an open and universal one. With a respect and reverence for the core beliefs of all religious and spiritual paths along with an open minded yet grounded approach. I believe that we all have a right to express ourselves in the world in a way that makes us feel happy and connected and that there is no wrong path as long as you are not hurting yourself or anyone else. With my roots in Shamanism, an ancient yet evolutionary practice that spans the globe, I work to use this ever expanding knowledge as a platform from which I am able to support you on your own unique journey, without detracting from the value of your own individual belief’s and without imposing my own.

I am passionate about addressing the lack of spiritual support within the mental health field. Having experienced deep levels of depression myself as well as psychological crisis in my earlier years and having nowhere to turn I want to be a torch bearer for other people experiencing these issues today.

This link here will shed a light on how we can have a greater understanding within our mental health services today and how we can come back to a healthy and reverent approach to these conditions. upliftconnect.com

Victoria provides a range of services, workshops and resources to support you on your own spiritual journey. Please contact Victoria to chat about how she can help you.

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