Victoria Wisniewski

We are a mental health rehabilitation hospital and work predominantly with treatment resistant patients who require an intensive rehab programme. This often means we have a broad spectrum of patients who sit on different areas of the continuum, some requiring relief for physical pain and some requiring some spiritual intervention or relaxation. As an Occupational Therapist I am continuously reviewing the programme we offer to ensure it is occupationally balanced especially in relation to meeting spiritual needs. Holistic therapies has provided this balance. Holistic Therapy has indeed been our most participated in activity since it commenced. Initially, this was delivered as a rotation of therapies on a weekly basis for 2 hours, however due to the popular demand and increased number of patients wanting to engage this was quickly increased to 3 hours per week.  

The therapists have built a rapport with patients, completing wellbeing assessments to gather insight into what they hope to achieve out of these sessions. The therapists non-judgemental and nurturing nature has allowed patients to feel safe whilst participating in these sessions. 

I would wholly recommend this to any service in particular mental health services to support providing a truly holistic treatment programme.

Victoria Wisniewski, Senior Occupational Therapist
Specialist mental health services, Cambian Adult Services

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