One door closes and another opens..

This New Year heralds change for many of us. I have started this blog to share empowering techniques for living a healthy and happy life! This first blog shares some of my journey as a holistic therapist and how lifes challenges can be enriching and positive experiences when we are equiped with the tools and self belief we need to get the most out of life.

My journey as a Holistic Therapist has been an enriching one, though this last few years have been very challenging for me in many ways both professionally and personally I am still able to face life with a positive outlook and an unwavering desire to live a fulfilled and joyful life with purpose!

It has been an interesting and enjoyable journey from starting out as a Holistic Therapist at The Civic Clinic in Melland Street back in 2003 to go on to becoming the manager of the Civic Clinic – Natural Health Centre. During this time I have had the pleasure of working with a great bunch of people both colleagues and clients alike. I have also made a great many friends along the way.

I am very grateful to Philip Hambly, the Osteopath who ran the Civic Clinic for giving me that intial break to get into my practice professionally. I am also so very grateful for all of the many teachers in all their guises that I have met along the way.

Throughout this time I have had a some wonderful opportunities including work with the NHS and the chance to work with a broad range of adults and young people in the field of mental health and natural wellbeing.

Seeing the great benefits of Holistic Therapy drove my passion for the work I do and love.

One door closes


In May of 2014 I was involved in a car accident, I developed problems with my hands and had to give up the physical part of the work I do, including Massage and Reflexology.  Although I grieved being able to offer this valuable service to others I chose to look at what I did have and found a way of moving forward.

I chose to re-birth the practice at Melland Street as Darlington Wellbeing Centre – with a new vision and goal, to bring together like minded local therapists and provide a broader remit of services to the community. This became too demanding on me financially and energetically and in December 2015 it was very clear that it was time to take a different route and say farewell to the practice at Melland Street.

Rather than go into all of the other emotional and finacial demands I have faced over the last few years I want to share with you the things that get me through these challenging times..

Love, rather than fear. There are two polar energies that our emotions are controlled by. If we can chose to look at every situation from our heart it can shift our whole perspective.

Gratitude – for the lessons I have learnt for the experiences I have had and for the many wonderful people in my life.

Empathy – for those that have treating me unkind and unfair, I recognise thier suffering and am grateful for the lessons they teach me about boundaries and compassion. I have learnt to be more assertive and still be compassionate.

Community – by intentionally connecting with like minded people around me I have friends and loved ones that I can rely on for a listening ear and sound advice.

Meditation – and time for me is so important to clear my head and help me feel connected. When I am meditating regularly I am so much happier!

Nature –  is my temple, I love to be amongst the elements and like the ancients have a great affinity with the cycles of nature. From a roaring fire under a full moon to the gentle babble of a sunkissed brook.

Trust and faith – in God, Great Spirit, The Universe or simply Yourself. Whatever your belief system to trust and have faith in somethingis a great ally.

Exercise, Good Food, Relaxation, Healthy thoughts/Affirmations

The mind, the body and the spirit are so closely connected so supporting yourself more in one area inevitably helps support your whole self.

Despite the challenges, this last year has been a rewarding and educational experience. I move forward with fond memories, lessons learnt and good friends.

My vision for 2016 is to develop my work with young people and children in the fields of mindfulness and personal empowerment. I am still offering one to one sessions as before   and will also be bringing back the seasonal gatherings, workshops and courses I deliver which have proved so popular in the past.


Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year  x



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