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Receiving with Gratitude!

I have believed for as long as I can remember in karma, that if I keep doing good that it will eventually come back to me in one form or another. There are times, however throughout my life when I have felt frustrated or… Continue Reading “Receiving with Gratitude!”

Time to relax and renew before the new…

It is very much a time of balance. A time between the old and the new, the void full of potential. A time to let go, be quiet and listen to our own inner voice. Before we take the appropriate action in response to… Continue Reading “Time to relax and renew before the new…”

One door closes and another opens..

This New Year heralds change for many of us. I have started this blog to share empowering techniques for living a healthy and happy life! This first blog shares some of my journey as a holistic therapist and how lifes challenges can be enriching… Continue Reading “One door closes and another opens..”

Welcome to Darlington WellBeing Centre

It is with great pleasure that we now open our doors as the Darlington WellBeing Centre.