Receiving with Gratitude!

I have believed for as long as I can remember in karma, that if I keep doing good that it will eventually come back to me in one form or another. There are times, however throughout my life when I have felt frustrated or badly done too because someone or something has created a situation that has felt unfair or unjust. I have then questioned my karma and wondered what I have done to deserve this…

Throughout time, learning and personal development I have come to the conclusion that everything is a gift. Sometimes the challenges that life throws us and those situations when we feel life is unfair or unkind can actually be teaching us something very profound and very meaningful and when we TRUST and take a step back we can actually see the gem in the middle of the steaming pile of excrement life has dealt us!

Over recent years my finances have been tested greatly and more recently I was in a financial crisis…

A house I had bought years ago and moved out of due to a sudden drop in finances has been rented out. Over the years tenants have caused damage and underpaid me rent, this is not uncommon I know.. but as I ran into debt it became apparent that it needed a damp course before I could either sell it or rent it out again.. Where would I find the money to do this big and expensive job when I had all the expenses of the mortgage etc going out on top of my regular rent and bills?

Then my car passed it’s M.O.T but I was told ‘it needs a new clutch soon and that will cost £500’ which I did not have. What could I do, I did not want to drive a car that could brake down at any monent expecially with my son inside…

Aswell as being practical and considering my options, I also surrendered to what is and trusted and kept energising abundance. I also looked for the gift/lesson in what was happening. The more I accepted and trusted the more things started to happen…

  1. An angel stepped in, when I told my friend what was happening she kindly offered to lend me the money needed to do the damp course without a second thought. At first I felt a little uncomfortable about this but my friend assured me and I insisted we set up an agreed payment plan which helped me to feel more comfortable.
  2. The agent I was advertising my house with suddenly found a tenant ready to move in the day the work was to be completed.
  3. I got a small reduction on the work that was lined up to happen due to some administrational changes.

The next thing I did was give up my car! I had been planning on using the train station near my house more and getting my bike on the road for some time but with a car parked outside with tax and insurance paid on it, it was cheaper and easier to just use the car. This news about the clutch gave me the nudge I needed to do what I had been intending too. I was scared at first, having a four year old and being dependant on a car for so many years but I took the leap. I got rid of the car, let go of how much I wanted for it and just went for it.

What happened next was extraodinary..

  1. My friend offered me their old bike, one that was of much greater quality than mine and once fixed up made riding around much easier.
  2. People started offering to lend me their car, give me lifts and pick stuff up for me. People are bending over backwards to help and support me and this is the greatest gift I could ask for a sense of community, faith in humanity and to be surrounded by such generous and heart centred people, I feel so rich and truly blessed.
  3. The wonderful folk at BikeStop in Darlington have done my bike up for me given me new cables, brake pads and much more for very little expense
  4. I have even been gifted a quality set of panniers worth about £100 for FREE by the lovely man who works in Bikestop and he refused to take any money for them himself. Thanks to him I can now get my groceries on my bike!
  5. The same day I got rid of the car and let go of my expectations of value, I had an unexpected call from a company who said they owe ME money.

I can now feel the abundance flowing in and I recognise how truly rich I am. I am so grateful for good friends, family, community and the kindness of humanity!

So I emplore you to sit back and feel into what the lesson could be in your challenge?

If your health, money or relationsips are being challenged you are being given the opportunity to assess your lifestyle and make some positive changes. It could be scary to think outside of your usual parameters but be brave and if you need support give me a shout. I’d be happy to help

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