Time to relax and renew before the new…

It is very much a time of balance. A time between the old and the new, the void full of potential. A time to let go, be quiet and listen to our own inner voice. Before we take the appropriate action in response to our own findings. Action that will lead us into a new way of being, a happier more fulfilled life. Coming into alignment with our soul’s true purpose!

This is a powerful year of purification, letting go and focusing on your own personal health and development as well as your part in the big picture. I have been feeling this on a deep and personal level myself recently as well as recognising it going on in the world around me. This has brought me back around to exploring astrology to cross reference what I am feeling intuitevly. On this journey I have discovered New Paradigm Astrology and everything here is confirming this shift, this feeling of being in the chasm. We are feeling more closely this transition to the need for a new way of being, a new way of living. Often the darkest night precedes the brightest dawn!

Wild West 2010 372

We are all co-creators and we are all going through some very powerful shifts right now. This can be be both very challenging and/or very exciting. We are being challenged to look at our beliefs about the world we live in, our ethics and principles as well as the bigger picture and how the way we live inpacts the world around us. This can be very uncomfortable and exhausting and the more we resist our own intuitive development the more it feels as though we are clinging onto the cliff edge afraid to let go and exhausted from clinging on for dear life!

Let go and your wings will grow!

Do not go into guilt about the way you have done things or beat yourself or anyone else up as this is waisted energy. Instead use your energy to focus on the positive, on the small things you CAN do, on the things that bring you joy and that will inspire those around you. I am finding more and more that my role right now as well as being a mother, daughter and friend is to be me and take responsibility for my part in universe. To not be afraid of shining, sharing my feelings of inspiration and empathy and compassion. Being a positive vibration unafraid of ridicule or others opinions..

Be true to who you are. Do not be afraid of shining your light wherever you are!

So I am slowing down, letting go and surrendering to the flow of the river and the laws of nature. Taking the pressure off and focusing on my own development. I intend to participate more than facilitate this year. However I will also be learning and training in a working sense as well as a personal one and when the time is right will be introducing the world to new courses and services that are currently in development.

ying yang

I will be doing much less in the way of marketing for now, however I am still available for one: one’s and group work as well as chats over the phone. So please don’t feel like you can’t get in touch or organise a session with me.

One thing I am finding more and more is that the more I surrender to the flow of the river and trust in the abundance of the universe the more I am naturally provided for. I have stepped out of poverty consciousness and welcome abundance in money and time.

I love to share positive affirmations, here is one for you to use if it resonates – “With a renewed and developed approach to my work I connect more deeply with my soul purpose.” These things can not be rushed, this is once again finding the balance between self nurture and creative action.

Blessed be your journey wherever it leads.

In love and gratitude, Victoria x













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